Score File Corrupted! Is there any way to get it back??

• Nov 29, 2012 - 23:19

I've been working on this piece for a long time and I need to submit it for a college music supplement very soon! I have Musescore 1.2 for Windows 7 and none of my other files have been corrupted. I've tried putting the file on a flash drive and opening it on a different computer and I've tried opening a back-up from the restore point, but that was also corrupted.
Is there any way to save it? Please help!


A few possibilities:

- tTry the backup file MuseScore created in the same folder as your main file the last time you successfully saved. Would have the same name but a period in front and a comma at the end.

- I think MuseScore autosaves versions to use in recovery, somewhere in \Users\\AppData on Windows (presumably somethng similar exists on other systems.

- if you post the corrupted score, there are people who are pretty good at uncorrupting them, *if* the file is still a valid archive file. Try opening the file in a program that opens ZIP files to see if you see an MSCX file inside the archive.

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