title.mscz was erased on program crash.

• Dec 2, 2012 - 02:48

I was working on a score in Musescore when the program became unresponsive and shut itself down. I thought this would be no big deal because usually when this happens the program opens right back up and I have to fix just a few things. When I opened the program back up, the score that I was working on was gone. I did some digging through my files and it turns out that the "title.mscz" form has been erased, but the ".title.mscz" form is still there. Is there anyway that I can salvage the score from the ".title.mscz" form?
Thanks in advance.

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Skrillex Mallet parts.mscz, 14.94 KB


Sure, just rename it. Should be more or less the state it was in at the second-to-last save, or something like that. I opened yours and I see 26 measures of music and then a whole bunch of rests.

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