Dancing Screen

• Apr 23, 2017 - 16:37

I work already years with Musescore and I am quite satisfied. Sometimes the screen is a little unstable. But now, that I started a new composition, it is dancing like drunk. Every time I add a note or change one, it dances terribly. How can I prevent the screen from "dancing" (jumping back and forth)?


In order to understand what might be going on, we'd need you to attach the score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. But it is normal that after entering a note, the cursor moves to the next valid input position - usually the next beat - and if that position is not currently in view, then of course the screen needs to reposition so the cursor remains in view. Just as a word processor would jump if you type characters at the end of a line that causers the word to wrap to the next line, and the beginning of the next line was not already in view. Using Continuous View is indeed one way to greatly reduce the likelihood that moving to the cursor forward will require the view to be repositioned.

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