instrument short names gone missing

• Dec 14, 2012 - 12:15
  • After 3 weeks of good behavior, my orchestral score has abruptly lost all the instrument short names. They're still in the instrument definitions, but they do not display on the score.
  • I've spent quite a long time this afternoon trying to recover them, and have read everything about the issue in old Forum entries (there are quite a few), but none clearly set out a solution to printing a score past page 1 with the instruments listed on it, once they've disappeared.
  • Am I overlooking something obvious here? Thanks for any help!


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It's interesting you brought that up. I've tried repeatedly to upgrade to 1.2 and have been frustrated every time by a message that says my current mscore installation is the most recent, and I can't get past that.

Today I uninstalled Musescore and downloaded 1.2 in the hope that would solve this problem of missing short-names. Musescore installed all right, but it was version 1.1 that came up, and there was no difference in this score.

I have to think there are other files on my system that the installer found (maybe in the /user/... directory chain?) that ended up blocking the install. Of course I don't know what I'm talking about, but I DID download 1.2, and somehow it found an old 1.1 download and installed that.

I'm not sure what to do next...


I took the plunge and installed Linux Mint 14 on a small solid state hard drive early this morning. It's for using when I work on Musescore. Otherwise I'll boot directly from the desktop drive into Ubuntu 10.04. Both OS's access the same data on the desktop machine. There was no problem loading mscore 1.2 on the solid state drive, and it runs very efficiently in 8 gigs of memory.

In the last few weeks I've composed two orchestral pieces using mscore: Jabberwocky, and a smaller piece called Beware!. When I loaded Beware! the fonts were all wrong, and I realized that font files have to be transferred onto any new boot drive. I copied the contents of /user/share/fonts/ from the desktop machine to the SS drive, and that corrected the text in the piece. For no good reason I saved the file at that point, just before I noticed all the notes had disappeared from the score. The lines, dynamics, and other directions were in place, and bits and pieces of the lyrics were still there, but it was completely missing the notes.

I called up Jabberwocky and that was fine; notes were all present. So then I rebooted into Ubuntu 10.04, loaded mscore, called up Beware! again -- and the notes were gone in that environment also.

The music had not been backed up, as I stupidly hadn't entered the mscore directory into the backup system yet. So there's nothing to recover the score from. At least I have all my scribbled ideas for the piece.

The question is, how could this possibly have happened? And is there some way that the notes could yet be brought back?

Thanks for any help (and forgive the length of this comment). The note-less Beware! is attached.

Kent Smith

P.S. -- actually, as I look at the damaged score, 90% of the lines, dynamics and other graphical items are gone also.

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Actually, I found that file a few hours ago. As I mentioned, when I corrected the text fonts I saved the file again. It looks like that overwrote the previous (probably) good copy, because when I called up ".Beware!.mscz," (after removing the opening dot and closing comma), it had no notes in it.

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