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• Apr 26, 2017 - 15:20


Sorry to ask this if it has already been requested, but it would be absolutely great to get an integrated video player (such as in Finale and Sibelius) directly synced to the opened score.

I know there is a tweak to use Xjadeo player through the built-in JACK connection module that works pretty well, but the JACK server is not available any more on Windows (the links on their download page are dead), and beside that, sound in Linux is actually pretty poor.

Unless there is a solution to get this on Windows that I don't know of?

Thank you.


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It is highly unlikely something like this will be included into MuseScore natively. There is still a massive amount of work to be done to make MuseScore the best possible engraving/typesetting/notation program out there; which is of course our primary goal.
Next to that, some improvements to the (audio) playback possibilities are likely as well, whilst very much secondary. MuseScore does not aspire to be a full fledged DAW.

But including video is an entirely different playing field, bringing its own set of additional issues.

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Right, I understand.

Now, is there a configuration tutorial somewhere to set up MuseScore with Xjadeo through JACK? I'm on Windows 7 64, I have everything installed but can't make it work. I can only find things that say it works, a YouTube video even shows it, but nothing related to setting things up.

Plus, I've downloaded a YouTube video trough Youtube Downloader HD. It's an mp4 video, yet when I open it in Xjadeo, the latter crashes. Any ideas?

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I probably can't help you...I use jack quite a bit but never on windows. Usually I use a program "QJackCtrl" on linux which helps me connect jack programs together, but I'm not aware qjackctl has a windows installer.

If Xjadeo is crashing, that is outside of musescore's ability to help. I would first try a small test video, maybe a different format.

Actually, I would just say spin up a virtual machine and install a linux distro. But maybe someone else has a better idea.

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No idea, you've ventured out of my area of expertise now :)
I dug op this post ( which at least seems to show how to get MuseScore linked with Jack. How then to move on to Xjadeo? I have no clue.

As for the mp4 not working, perhaps try out their issue tracker?
It seems they rely on FFMPEG under the hood, so you could try reaching out to that project as well (or try a different player built on top of FFMPEG to see if it is the Xjadeo player crashing or the underlying FFMPEG).

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That's okay, I could solve both issues at this time. Actually, there is nothing to set up within JACK. One just has to start the JACK server first and then Musescore, then Xjadeo.

About Xjadeo crashing, I hadn't checked the file first. It was corrupted indeed, with only the sound and no picture. I downloaded a lower-resolution version and I got it running fine.

Thank you very much for your replies anyway.

Hi Musescore Team!
Just wondering if this is at all on the horizon?
I've just seen that JACK will not be supported in Musescore 4 (it already doesn't work from 3.5 on Mac), and video-sync is a vital part of how many of us need to write.
I really don't want to be stuck at 3.4, especially with VST support coming in (game-changer!).

EDIT: I've created a new feature request, since JACK is no longer the solution it used to be:

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