Musescore fork for Alternative Notations

• Apr 27, 2017 - 06:15

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

Developer Craig Fisher made a fork of the Musescore software in order to display the alternative notation Clairnote but I think the Musescore folks declined to incorporate it into the main program.

I'm looking for someone to help me modify Craig’s fork so that it displays the Alternative Notation Twinline:
on the Musiscript staff:

Is there a techsavvy nerdhero out there who’s curious about such oddities and wants to tinker?
I'd happily scrape together some money and make some donations to Musescore or maybe even a personal payment for the work.

I'm too tech-inept to compile Craig's version for Windows and test it out but I think he might have done some of the legwork with this stafftype template:…

I do think that some of these modifications have potential for the main Musescore program itself.

Some of the mods would be:
-the addition of triangular noteheads (up and down) and their different headtypes
-custom clefs with octave number instead of treble and bass

-the option to colour individual stafflines and barlines
-the option to colour the spaces between individual stafflines

-alteration of the Shortcuts menu to allow direct entry all 12 chromatic notes, and their insertion in chords etc.

I’m sure there are multiple other problems that I’ve not even considered yet.


… this user, Brindisi
was trying to do something similar for alternative notations


This type of experimentally and unfamiliar theories will always be.

Maybe a knowledgeable person can help you compile Craig's version. (for Windows)

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