SATB Use of same chord across a barline

• Apr 28, 2017 - 19:59

I started writing a song for congregational singing but it has developed into one only suitable for a choir.
In SATB am I breaking "rules"if I use the same chord across a bar line?

I'd be very grateful for some advice as I rather like the melody I have written!
Many thanks


You mean you want to tie notes across the barline? That's fine. Or you mean you want the harmony (eg, the IV chord) in one bar to continue into the next? That's fine too.if you mean something else, please attach your score so we can see what you mean.

I mean to repeat the harmony - the same chord - across a bar line.
Thank you very much for all your help. I don't know how you find the time to help the likes of me!
But much appreciated

Food for though: If you have a 1/2 note migrating in one direction or another in every measure so that it causes a tie across meausres every few bars, you may consider changing the time signature. (The 1/2 note could be something else, but it's the most likely).

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