End of tie in secunda volta

• Dec 29, 2012 - 14:14

I have a question: suppose the bar before the prima and secunda voltza start with a note that's tied to the next note. If the note is in the prima volta, there isn't a problem. But when it's tied to the note in the secunda volta, I'm having a problem. Is there a way to do this?



I'd say avoid the situation if possible since it doesn't look neat and can confuse the player; rather enclose two bars in the volta. If you must do it, however, then there are several ways to "cheat". In the attached score I just tied the first two note in the 2nd Volta and then moved the tie.

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2.0 will support these sort of one-sided ties. But there are several workaroundss fo 1.X:

- use a slur, reshape it manually
- put the note in a different voice, tie it to a hidden note (and hide all the rests necessary to make this work)
- use Staff Text, hit F2 to brong up the text symbols palette, and use one of the little tie characters at the bottom of the palette (somewhere aroind 18pt seems to work best)

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