How can I manually edit the shape of noteheads (beyond what it provided)?

• Jan 1, 2013 - 18:27

I'm currently building a plugin using some of the "alternative noteheads" provided within the Note class. The noteheads I'm using are from three of the "Sacred Harp" styles.

The noteheads are all good and fine for quarter notes and eighth notes, but when it comes to half notes and whole notes, they're a bit "degenerate". They're small and awkward and Just Won't Do It.

Could anyone suggest how I could "dig deeper" and manually edit these shapes? I would much appreciate it. Thanks.


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One of the symbols I'm using {note.noteHead = 2} isn't one of the standard "Sacred Harp" symbols.

I don't how to effectively transfer an image to you, but I can assure you that the half notes and whole notes are too small. Heck, the whole notes don't even resemble the correct shape.

All I can really give you about this is my word. Do you know how to edit them?

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OK, seems you are talking about the diamond note head, right?
Here's a normel quarter note followed by diamond notes heads as half. quarter and whole note.


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No, I don't know how to edit them (I guess they are built into MuseScore), but I think I see why you'd want to, they don't really look diamond shape...

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