Playback Issues with posted Scores

• May 3, 2017 - 03:24

Okay, so, I just posted a score on my dashboard that I was super excited to put up on the Musescore site. It took me three years to complete, several days at a time to pinpoint the exact sound I wanted, and with each section I completed (measures forty three to fifty four took the most time to complete because that's the portion where all the instruments are introduced, and I like balance with my music because I'm picky) Things looked up. Then, I discovored soundfonts, which enhanced the piece even more than what I had hoped for. Now, it is up on my page, all dandy and happy that I've completed it, but here is the problem: The playback sounds just like the normal soundfont, instead of the soundfont I chose. Currently, FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3, Symphonic Sounds.sf2, and Arachno soundfont - Version 1.0.sf2 (Forgive me I do not know who created the last two) are the three I have selected. The only soundfont that is present within the playback on the Score Anteitem's Darkness, is the FluidR3Mono_Gm.sf3 soundfont, the default soundfont that Musescore presents to its users. I was wondering, if at all possible, if there was a way to get the other two soundfonts in the playback of this score.

So instead of it just using the first soundfont, it uses all three within the playback of the score on the website. If it isn't possible then I will figure out a different way to distribute the score, so that it still pertains to the restrictions I want to have upon it, while still using the playback soundfonts I want it to use.

Thank you for your time.


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