Note sounding duration at Midi Input too long

• Jan 3, 2013 - 10:54

When entering notes via MIDI keyboard the notes sound for about 2 seconds.
How can I change this?
When I enter chords they sound on after the other, so each 4 voice chord takes me 8 seconds. that makes half a minute per measure, so a 64 bar piece takes an hour per system. It does not speed up, when I uncheck "play at input" and changing the default duration has no effect. I am deeply worried I won't have my scores ready before the concert. Is this a matter of my computers performance?


Are you working on a big file?

It is a known issue that MuseScore 1.2 slows down when you are writing a lenghty file with many instruments.

The answer to this is to break up your work into smaller sections then merge them when you have finished.

The problem is also there in 2.0 although not quite so bad.

The problem is that MuseScore 1,2 redraws the score each time there is an edit made, so this, consequently, takes longer as the score grows in instruments/length.

It could also be that you are running out of memory - when did you last restart your computer???


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Thanks for the quick reply.
Yes the file is big.
Made a test with a tiny one and the notes chords played really quick.
I used the "extract single voice" (Einzelstimmen) and made further inputs there. Worked (Yippiee!). I could even leave the full score open in parallel, so copying the new entries over is two mouse-clicks away.
This will be my work-around to get finished.
- Still it is something the developers could look into, because everything else works perfect (and I mean perfect! Thanks again to the developers) even with my file sizes
But the played note duration - why is this dependent from the size of the score at all?
Does it do a note count to emulate a timer (I won't blame anybody: platform independance is tough stuff ;-))?
And why are chord notes played one after the other? Playing them together gives a factor 3-4, that would already suffice.

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The development team already know about it.

The problem is that it requires altering code deep in MuseScore's architecture.

As I said there will be a slight improvement in 2.0.

The final fix probably won't happen until version 3

I suspect that as soon as you hit the note MuseScore enters the note and then redraws the entire score, and doesn't send a note off event until it has completed that.

Chords are played one after the other because MuseScore currently can only handle MIDI note input one at a time - as MIDI is a serial protocol the chord will be sent as separate notes, each with the same delta time information, so MuseScore buffers them and deals with them separately.


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