add exception for MuseScore in AVAST anti-virus

• May 3, 2017 - 19:34

Maybe no-one else is experiencing this problem, but on my PC I had to add an exception telling AVAST anti-virus that MuseScore 2.1RC from 27 April 2017 was safe to run.
There was no indication it was trying anything; it just would not start.
Once the exception was in place everything was fine.
This is the first time this has happened.


I've seen other people on this forum have problems with installing MuseScore due to anti-virus programs. It's not everyone, just some people for some reason.

Every time a new MuseScore package is released, the anti-virus systems need to basically learn about the new release. My understanding about this is that with enough user feedback, these systems learn that MuseScore 2.1 is supposed to be trusted and finally it's whitelisted.

Sometimes it happens that we directly contact anti-virus software companies and ask them to whitelist MuseScore. So in this particular case of AVAST, I followed the instructions at and uploaded the musescore 2.1 msi package for review.

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