Experiencing Crashes with M2.1

• May 6, 2017 - 18:30

I have been experiencing some pretty weird crashes with Musescore 2.1. Whenever I have specified Soundfonts (Fluid) Sometimes, but not all the time, the score will stop working and crash. This only happens one under one of two conditions: A. when the score is playing and I click "Load from Score," or B. When I click save to score while the score is playing. Any thoughts as to why this is? Probably a coding bug, or perhaps some sort of confrontation between the soundfonts and the program? Looking for answers, not a programmer myself, only know the very basics. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.


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the thing is, I'm using SFZ soundfonts, the default and two others. So I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the Class of soundfont I'm using, like I have three in fluid and zero in zerberus. I'll experiment a little bit with some different soundfonts compatible with zerberus if I find anything out, I'll be sure to post it back here. Thank you for the help in coming up with a solution for this problem.

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The point is, if you are using the default soundfont, then when you upload it to musescore.com it's going to sound exactly the same, because musescore.com uses the default soundfont as well. Only if you use something *other* than the default would musescore.com need your audio file.

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I understand that. I am using three different Soundfonts none of which are the default soundfont. My Problem Is that the box is still greyed out. What I am doing is
1. Setting up the synthesizer.
2. Clicking "Save to Score."
3. Going into "File" and clicking "Upload Online..."
4. Checking to see if the box is still greyed out, and everytime I have, it is.

I have below the three soundfonts I am using. I have also reuploaded the score, the normal way you would, and it doesn't use the default soundfont, however, it does not play the right sound for each instrument that I have (Example, Piano doesn't sound like piano, it sounds like a piccolo.)
Thank you for your time and patience with this little issue.

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