Battery percussion. Sextet tenor

• May 6, 2017 - 18:47

Upon opening the new update (2.1) of musescore I instantly jumped to write music for tenors. I noticed some sounds were missing. I decided to do some digging in the sound files by pressing edit drum set, after a few minutes I found out there were enough sounds for a full sextet tenor, I also discovered there were sustained rolls. To get the sounds go to edit drum set for tenors. Files 36-40 are drum 4 sounds i.e. Rim, buzz, mute. File 43 is a stick click. File 48-52 are drum 3 sounds. Files 60-63 are drum 2 sounds. Files72-75 are drum 1 sounds. Files 84-86 are Spock 2 sounds. Files 96-98. I hope this helps anyone who wants to write music for sextet tenor drums.

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