Download all scores from a set in bulk at once

• May 7, 2017 - 22:33

Before I tackle the gargantuan task of clicking through every single page to download the scores individually (admittedly a minuscule task in comparison to actually producing these scores, but hey, I'm just trying to save some time, or maybe I'm just lazy...), I was wondering if there is a way to download the entire set of Open Well-Tempered Clavier - MuseScore edition scores at once?

Maybe somebody has them on Drop Box or Google Drive and can hook me up with a link where I can download them all at once? I'm going to use them for a computation musicological analysis using MIT's music21 software for my final semester project in a class I am taking "Form and Process in Bach".

At this point, I probably could have downloaded them all by now during the time it took me to write this question! :D

Thank you @OpenGoldberg for this great work!

Best wishes,


We too would appreciate such a ‘download all’ button at least for all scores in a set, and at least for scores on one’s own account?

This would be extremely useful for those of us with multi-author projects, seeking to use the holding as the version of record, but I’m sure it would be appreciated widely.


Heading over to 'improving MuseScore' now ...

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