Notes appear colored above treble staff

• Jan 21, 2013 - 07:12
S5 - Suggestion
by design

Most of my work is within and below the treble staff but in this case I was writing spread chords for both hands and the upper notes were on leger lines above the staff. Instead of black notes they were coming out a light greenish brown shade. I have since checked half a dozen previous projects and found the same condition can happen in the same area
Next I started a new test page from scratch and found no problem in that area. On the original project I then tried the following ...working on the four different layers give same result regardless ..... erase the problem notes shut down and then restarted and re entered notes ... same effect .... It doesn't matter if the computer is hot or cold it still happens ...
It only happens to the notes ..... text in the same areas is all OK


  • don't assign to yourself, unless you plan to provide a fix
  • don#t use the issue tracker for support requests
  • what you describe here is not a bug, but a feature: MuseScore colors notes that are outside the range of the instrument, see the bottom of This does not affect printed scores, just the display on screen
  • there's nothing the Color/Uncolor plugin could do about this
Status (old) by design needs info

Hmm 'light greenish brown' notes?
Can't really reproduce/understand the matter.
Please add screenshot or example project.

....however it's also really old and maybe not relevant anymore.

Status (old) needs info by design

See the previous response, which explains the feature. There is no need to reopen this issue; it really is "by design".