Creating Drum Part Hangs 9.4, R1518

• Jul 5, 2009 - 18:56

I am trying to add drum notation to a score I'm writing and MuseScore hangs. I have to use the Windows Task Manager to terminate MuseScore.

I have used the following procedure:


Note input via mouse is available in version 0.9.4 or later

1. Select a note or rest in the percussion staff. This loads the corresponding drum palette
2. Press "N" to begin note entry
3. Select a note duration from the Note Input toolbar
4. Select a the type of note (such as bass drum or snare) from the drum palette
5. Click on the percussion staff to add the note to the score

No note gets added when I do this

Specifically, I'm trying to add a bass drum note to the second eighth note in the first triplet. I have been successful in some scores by dragging and dropping from the drum palette, but I understand that the above procedure is the one that is sanctioned. When I try the drag and drop, MuseScore hangs. So, how do I get the note to enter?

I have attached a short sample.

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First: if you are writing for drums frequently then use the prereleases instead of 0.9.4. Otherwise you will encounter frequent crashes, and unexpected behavior.

Second: To recover from this bug close all instances of MuseScore and look for the file on your computer called "mscore-palette.xml". If you are on Windows it will be some like: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\MusE\MuseScore\mscore-palette.xml
Then delete that file and start up MuseScore again. See if drum note entry works as expected.

Third: For your reference, I'm not sure if this bug is related but it is a bug I discovered when working with your file.

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Thank you, David I searched the suggested path and could not find mscore-palette.xml. Then, I used XP's Search to search my C: drive and file was not found anywhere. When I first looked at your response, there was a MuseScore subfolder (it was empty) under MusE, but when I took MuseScore down, the MuseScore subfolder disappeared. Restarting MuseScore has made no difference.

Did you have an opportunity to try my test file? It fails consistently for me.

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Yes, David. The file I'm attaching this time is created from scratch with no copied parts whatsoever. I can't enter bass drum symbols into the drum part, using the recommended procedure. And as you know, I can't drag and drop. You mentioned other prereleases -- another time when we talked about drum parts, I tried the then current prerelease and it messed up the score I was working on -- but only after lulling me into a false sense of security. The damage was done without being apparent and my backup copy had the error in it also. I had to start over from scratch. Is there a prerelease that is quite stable?

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Are you experiencing a hang when you try to use the method described in the handbook or are you experiencing something else?

By the way the prereleases are fairly near a release. If they are still messing up your score it would be a good idea to report it. Otherwise you may experience the same issues in the official release.

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MuseScore does not hang when I use the prescribed method -- it does nothing. Here's the scenario:
1) create a two-measure score with only a three-line drum part
2) change the whole-note rests to 4 quarter-note rests
3) using Ctrl-3, change the first measure's quarter-note rests to triplets
4) attempt to use the prescribed procedure to replace any of the eighth-note triplet rests with a bass drum symbol
5) nothing happens

Interestingly, if I stop after step 2 above, I can successfully drag and drop a bass drum note onto any of the quarter-note rests, even though that is not the prescribed method. It's only when I change to eighth-note triplets that the drag and drop causes MuseScore to hang. So there is definitely something different about the Ctrl-3 situation.

I will give the latest prerelease a try, as I'd like to move on. Thanks for your help.

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