Weird screen behavior of MS 2.1

• May 9, 2017 - 21:18

Grabbing the top to move the window to another screen it does this, didn’t do that before.

I have 4 monitors. Can maximize MS on Top-, middle- and right screen but not on the left one. If I try it jumps to the middle one.


Still working with Windows 7 btw


Can you maximize on the left screen if you make use of the shortcuts rather than using the mouse?

First use WindowsKey + LeftArrow to move the window onto the left screen, then use WindowsKey + UpArrow to maximize.

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Windowskey + LeftArrow it does this :


Windowskey + RightArrow it jumps to the right side of the middle screen.

Windowskey + UpArrow it maximizes in the middle screen.

I’ve discovered, if I move this huge window far enough to the left, like this :


It does maximize in the left screen using both : mouse and Windowskey + UpArrow

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Sorry, I should've been more clear. If you press the WindowsKey+Left/RightArrow repeatedly the window will cycle through being left aligned, detached and then right aligned on each of the screens (so after being left aligned on the screen 2, it will become right aligned on screen 1 after pressing the shortcut).

If you make the window just smaller (to a more normal size) you should be all fine. I'm not sure what the exact tipping point is, but I *think* that when you issue a maximize command (be it with your mouse, or pressing the maximize button or the Windows+Up shortcut) maximizes on the screen that holds the biggest portion of the window. (over 50%)

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Yes, it does, it jumps all over the place on every screen. Left right and on to the next screen all 4 of them.

It does remember size and screen on startup but something has happened :

When I grab the top now it resizes to this half screen size and now I can move it around anywhere I want and even maximize it on the left screen.

Problem solved I guess. Maybe it did not know what size to take at first when I opened MS the first time after installing the update, and now it does. (Don’t know)

Thank you for learning me the WindowsKey + Arrows and the support.
Much more convenient this way using MS :-)

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