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I wanted to type the above into Musescore. Actually I want the "3" to be under the second left note.
Problem encountered:
I cannot manually beam two sixteenth groups with eighth beams,
regardless whether some of them are triplets.

Also, notes group together each 2 beats in 4/4 time.
I want each beat to be grouped separately.

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You can't make MuseScore do it automatically, but you can define a keyboard shortcut for the "start of beam" command, so it's ony a single click while entering notes to break beams. But do be aware that in 4/4 time, modern typesetting guidelines are in pretty well agreement - you should be beaming in groups of two beats. Do you bave a specific reason to want to do things otherwise?

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The standard is for eighths to be beamed two beats at a time, sixteenths one beat at a time. These standards are not universal, though. Some publishers willbeam a whole measure of eighths together. And others break them every beat. So if you beed to produce one if those styles - like to satisfy a teacher who wants it that way for whatever reason - then use the overrides described previously. But unless you have a specific reason to need to do that, I always recommend following the modern standards, and that is to beam in groups of two beats (1&2 or 3&4, never 2&3).

If playback is important to you can try this workaround:

Create the triplet and the two sixteenth notes.
Add a line (from the Lines palette).
Make the line 0.45sp wide.
Double-click on the line and use the [Up arrow} and [Ctrl]-[Up arrow] to angle it correctly.
Drag the line to the correct place.

I suggest you do this after entering all the notes as the line will shift a bit when measures are redrawn with any change in width.

You can flip the bracket and number with X.

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