Advanced Selection Filter (cetain notes)

• May 11, 2017 - 10:08

After I've figured out that I can adjust the pitches of several selected notes at the same time I came to the thought that a selection feature that would allow me to select e.g. all Bs (or even better all Bs inside a marked area) could solve all my microtonal and custom key signature problems. So if we go to Select -> More it would be great to have another line where we could enter notes like B, Bb (of course accidentals should have an effect, so I can tune all Bs in a marked area to the intended pitch, with less clicks and afterwards adjust all Bs that I want in another pitch manually. This would save a lot of work.


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Select a group of measures if you want to.
Right click a note
click select->more and a dialog will show up
For every note of the same pitch on the same line check same pitch:
For every note with the same name (like every Bb) check Same note name:
You can then limit it to the same staff, Same voice, in Selection (so if you selected measures you'll want to check this), or same system (all the staves on the same line if in page view).
It defaults to Replace selection which is what you want.
Click 'OK'

Now you can use arrows, alt-shift-arrows or ctrl-arrows to change all of their pitches, or apply an accidental or do something with them in the inspector like make the head color purple if you like.

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