No Sound in Windows

• Jul 8, 2009 - 01:06

I just downloaded and installed MuseScore 0.9.4 r1518 on Windows Vista, and there is no sound working in the program. In the I/O preferences PortAudio can be checked, but the two drop-down lists for Api and Devices are completely blank. Everything worked for 0.9.3, but that got wiped when 0.9.4 was installed. How do I fix it?


See the troubleshooting section of SoundFont . If you still have trouble let us know whether the toolbar play panel is greyed out or not visible. Also a screenshot of Edit > Preferences > I/O would be helpful.

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Well, I have no idea what happened, but it suddenly started working. When it was screwed up, though, the play panel was only greyed out after I looked at the Preferences and then closed that window, and the I/O tab looked like NOT FOUND: 1. I guess troubleshoot option #2 must have somehow done it, though, because after closing MuseScore and opening it again, everything started working and the I/O tab now looks like NOT FOUND: 2 and has everything set up right. From what I'd seen elsewhere on this forum I didn't think my issue was with the SoundFont. But thanks anyway, David, 'cause it must have worked!

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Ok so I am having the same problem but in Ubuntu 8.10. I tried the troubleshooting but it wouldn't work because both the transport and play panel options under display are grayed out and unchecked. There is no sound at all. Not even when writing the notes.

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