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• Jul 8, 2009 - 23:34

I know that it is possible to create tuplets and even set them to show their ratio. But I have found no way to define a ratio. Normally, a quintuplet would be 5:4 (five notes in the time of four), but I want 5:6 (five notes in the time of six). I have tried creating a dotted half note (which would be the full duration of my 5:6 eight note tuplet), and pressing ctrl+5. There are several problems with this: only the first note can be created; the rest remain as rests, sometimes this can cause Muse Score to crash, and when you right click the tuplet number itself, selecting the number to be a relation (or ratio), it shows 5:4. I am going to guess that this method which I am trying is not even supported. Using sibelius, I can achieve this result, and have attached a screenshot. The top staff has on it what Muse Score can do, and the bottom staff has the result I want. (Disregard the random notes: the rhythm is all I care about).

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Bug reproduced in r1914. unable to edit notes of a 5:6 in 6/8 time, ratio also reported as 5:4 even tho the notation is showing properly as 5 eights in the time of six.

But not in the way I described it. Create a note that is the full duration of the tuplet you want, then go Notes >> Tuples >> Other Tuplets, and create the ratio you want there.

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