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• Feb 12, 2013 - 17:41

Hi, I need help getting rid of barlines that span across two staves (image attached below). When I create a new score with a piano, i get barlines that go all the way across from the treble to bass clefs. But when I choose the "Hymn" template, barlines are only in the treble and bass clefs, thus leaving room for lyrics. I've been getting around this by creating two piano staves, and removing the bass from one, and the treble from another, but the Hymn template doesn't seem to do this.

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I guess the question is, why do you want to get rid of those barlines? It's absolutely correct / normal / standard / expected by musicians for piano music to have barlines extend through the grand staff. If you have a special reason to create non-standard piano music, by all means, you are free to do so, but it *should* require you to go out of your way to accomplish it And dragging the barline seems as intuitve to me as any other method that might have been chosen instead to allow you to do this, but it's impossible for every action to be equally intuitve to everyone. The documentation could stamd to be omproved, but if you consult the Handbook, then look up "Bar line", you do get instructions.

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I'm still not quite understanding the problem. The correct behavior is for the staves for vocal parts to not have barlones through them, but for the piano staves to have the barlines. That is, the barlines appear where they should (in the pian part) and not where they shouldn't (in the vocal parts). In other words, exactly what your pictures shows. There are no barlones where you need there to be no barlones, and there are barlines where the pianist woild expect barlines.

Perhaps you are saying you don't atually mean for the bottom staves to be for piano, but that you mean for for it to be two more voices? Im which case, the solution is to not have added it as a piano in the first place. Simply add the two extra staves as voices. And then if you a piano sound used for playback, change that in the mixer.

But if your goal is to create a four part vocal areangement, note there is already an SATB template you can start from as well that you could start from instead of "Hymn" (you'd still want to change the playback sound to piano in the Mixer, though).

I think the real question is "Why do barlines not span both staves when using the Hymn template yet they do when adding a Piano as an instrument and yet both look the same when I check in the Instruments list and how can I do the same trick when adding a Piano rather than starting with the Hymn Template".

Create a blank score from scratch or plan to add a Piano to an existing score...

Add an Instrument - in this case a Piano
Click on the 'Stave 1 Treble Clef' part of the Piano
Click on 'Add Below'
Click 'OK' (or 'Next' or 'Finish')
Go back to the Instruments list
Click on the 'Stave 1 Treble Clef' part of the Piano
Click 'Remove'
Click 'OK'

Don't ask me why it works or why I experimented enough to find this.

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