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• Feb 13, 2013 - 10:00


I am writing a small item in Musescore 1.2 Windows. The item is in 3/4 time.

The problem I am having is that two non- adjacent bars appear to have grown in length, and overlap the previous bar by a half-beat value. Please see picture attached. It appears the bar lines are darker in this screen capture to Paint.

Any ideas on how to solve gratefully received.


AMD Phenom II X4 840
8gb DC DDR3
GA-870A-USB3 (Socket M2)
1024mb Geforce GT 520
windows 7 x64 SP1

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I see what you mean in bar 66. The staff lines and bar lines are thicker. I find it usually happens when you double-click on an item to edit it, and then exit edit mode. I see it especially when I accidentally double-click on a note and then click in a blank space to exit edit mode. It's a visual distraction but nothing major.

I'm not totally understanding the problem either, and yes, posting the actual score is almost always better than a picture.

There is indeed the visual glitch of some lines appearing thicker temporarily, but that has nothing to do with the length of a bar, so I don't know if that's really what is being asked about here. Also, I see the spacing seems odd - the first measure is much narrower than the rest of the measures on the line, despite having the same exact rhythms in it. So it seems you have been fiddling with the "stretch" setting for some reason? Also, there appears to be no right hand margin at all, which won't work so well when you go to print this - did you deliberately change that?

But I don't see anywhere that anything is actually overlapping.

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Hi all,

The Messy layout issue has been solved.

The problem was when I attempt to place a note in the offending bar I would find the bar was not place-able in.
I could place a note in the previous bar (which was filled to capacity) and it would be accepted in the last available space in the (previous) bar, but played back as though it was in the offending bar.
I solved the problem by

setting the fixed bar option to Yes/On
setting the number of bars per measure to X (e.g. selecting any value)

Click Apply
Then removing these selections straight away.

Offending bar no longer offending and notes placed in the bar are as they should be.
I have no idea why:

It happened in the first place, nor
Why taking these steps 'fixed' it.

Taking those steps were after a lot of trial and error to see what it might be.

Thanks everyone for responding.

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