Snap to grid for chord diagrams/symbols

• May 14, 2017 - 23:37

I am finding myself more and more in this situation.

Let's say a dotted half melody note followed by a quarter note.
No problem to put a chord symbol and chord diagram above the dotted half.

But the next chord symbol and diagram are problematic. Why?

Because they are to go on beat three, not four where the next melody note is.

So right now to accomplish this I shift the chord symbol (on beat three) up to the approximate height it should go to.
And I 'attach' the chord diagram to the quarter note (fourth beat) and slide it under the chord symbol on the third beat, again to the approximate height it should go to.

So it would be nice to have the ability to set Musescore to 'snap-to-grid' both chord symbols and chord diagrams, to quickly get them to their correct height. Snap-to-grid (on/off).


No, you shouldn't have to eyeball things. Instead, enter something on beat three in another voice and make it invisible. Then you can attach the fretboard diagram to it directly. Ideally, this wouldn't be necessary - you'd be able to attach the fretboard diagram to the chord symbol. This would not be hard to implement, as far as I can tell.

But FWIW, if you do resort to manually adjusting things, you can do better than just eyeballing. You can use the Inspector to set the position precisely, or use Ctrl+cursor keys to move things in 1sp increments, and you can also enable the "snap to grid" in the Inspector.

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