Unable to add notes to PART of my score

• Feb 17, 2013 - 18:36

I am new to MuseScore - but have some experience with other similar programs.

I have loaded a MIDI file of a multi part score into MuseScore. I find that I am able to edit existing notes - but Some of the midi file was incomplete (most parts run through to bar 85 - but one part stops at bar 60). I am trying to manually enter the missing notes in MuseScore but adding notes does not seem possible (see attached jpg file).

There is also one whole part with no notes in at all - again, I am unable to enter any notes in this part. The measures are there but NO RESTS show - and when I attempt to enter notes, the note cursor just reverts to the 'upward arrow' - with no note.

I am running MuseScore 1.2 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine.

Any ideas welcome .... Thanks

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looks like a corrupted score to me. Can you delete (DEL) those empty measures and get be a full measure rest tthat way? If not, I guess you should try to completly delete all these measure (Ctrl-DEL), add new measure and (re-)enter the notes

It might help to attach the score here (the mscz file), not just a picture of it

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Thanks jojo, Knowing that it was a corruption - rather than 'something I was doing wrong' helped me work it out. I tried to delete the measures (select the whole bar - or a collection of bars) and hit 'Del' .... didnt make any change. I didnt want to delete the measures - due to the 30 bars of useful arrangement for the other 11 instruments so far ... but I had a thought ...

Add a couple of new instruments - One for the Piano and one for the Guitar. Then copy all the correct notes, chords, text that I have from the original to the new instrument and delete the old one.

This worked. I now have the 'bar rests' for all instruments for the whole piece ... and so I can continue to arrange the rest of this peice.

Thanks again (I'll upload the whole arrangement once I have finished it & tested it on the band)

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