Extra bar lines suddenly appearing

• Feb 18, 2013 - 11:31

Hi Everyone

I'm a complete notation software novice, not particularly computer literate, and just attempting my first score (which has 14 voices) via Version 1.2 and Windows XP.

Loads of extra bar lines have suddenly appeared from a certain point in the composition. Where I have already inserted notation they are parallel to the existing bar lines but there quite a few extra ones after the last page and these, being on a blank page with no ledger lines, are at an angle. I have no idea what action I performed to create this malfunction: the only thing I can add is that where the anomaly first occurs a couple of bars have stretched themselves i.e. the first problem page now only contains 2 bars rather than the original 5 or 6 bars.

From the online help pages it seems that this type of problem was more common in earlier versions.

I suppose it would assist if I produced a sample of the score but I'm not sure as yet how to do this!

I must say I find the programme generally to be brilliant ( so thanks, Marc and everyone else who is aiding development) and I can usually sort most problems out eventually but I'm completely stuck on this issue so HELPsomeone!

Kol Paterson


Hi Kol,
it's probably not a good way to start your journey with a 14 (!) parts score. You can post the score in a comment by selecting "File attachments" if you want someone to take a look at it.

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Thanks Jojo but I still can't locate the file.... my computer skills (or lack thereof) I think! Anyway, I've decided to ditch the corrupted section as I think it's now beyond redemption. Is there any way I can save the uncorrupted first part of the score? I've tried saving sections and also individual bars by various methods to no avail. Perhaps, as Lasconic said, it was a bit ambitious attempting a 14 voice score as my first project!

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I would think if you can't find the file now, you won't be able to find it, or any other score created using MuseScore, in the future either./ So you might as well find someone with a little more computer knowledge to help you figure out where you saved it, as future scores will likely be saved to the samer location.

Hi everyone who's kindly helped with my problem. Having deleted most of the corrupted notation, I switched off for the night. When I re-commenced work the following morning the remaining corrupted notation had mysteriously corrected itself! I'm thinking now I ought not to have erased ANY of the corrupted pages and they may have self-rectified also!!! I've also located the missing files now.

Thanks Marc, Jojo,and everyone else who has helped. I'm sure this won't be my last query!

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