Completely Silent Playback

• Feb 27, 2013 - 04:00

Hey all,

I was writing music in musescore and the listening to it. I might have been a little rough on the playback and such (pausing it in the middle or switching windows) but nothing irreversable. That is, untill now. Now when I try to playback a composition, it comes back with no sound. Yes sound card is installed, yes volume is turned up in synth, in mixer, in play pannel and on the computer itself. I even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to be greated with the same problem. I have restored all the settings involving playback to default, so its not those. Any ideas?


Computer: Compaq Presario CQ50-130US
Processor: Intel Pentium
Soundcard: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family)
OS: Ubuntu 12.04

P.S. I attached the file I was working on.

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Closer.mscz 7.75 KB


Sound depends on many things including your soundcard, settings in your OS, settings in MuseScore. Essentially the application must request to use the sound service that the OS is running. I assume that sound is working in other applications? If it is of any help, here are my settings (MS1.2 and the Beta 2.0's are working fine):

AMD quad-core
xubuntu 12.04 64-bit
NVidia MCP77/78 card
Sound via monitor speakers (stereo, very quiet)

MuseScore 1.2

UNCHECKED Use Jack MIDI output

CHECKED Use internal synthesiser

Device default
Sample Rate 48000 Fragments 3 Period Size 1024

Api ALSA Device default

MuseScore 2.0 Beta
Use internal synthesiser
ALSA default, 48000, 3, 1024
Soundfont - /usr/local/share/mscore-2.0/sound/TimGM6mb.sf2

Call up a terminal and type "alsamixer". I am using ALSA and here are my settings:

Card HDA NVidia
Chip NVidia MCP77/88 HDMI

Master 90
Headphone 93><93
PCM 97<>97
Front 100<>100
Front Mi 7<>7
Front Mi 53<>53
Surround 100<>100
Center 100
LFE 100
Side 100<>100
Line 0<>0
CD 0<>0
S/PDIF, etc, etc 00 or MM

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