beautiful program that crashes very often

• Jul 12, 2009 - 12:00

- MIDI input crashes the app forcing to reboot computer with the RESET key
- random weird crashes
- Arpeggio/Glissando symbols are too close to the notes in a chord, confusing everything
- sometimes the notes are too close (horizontally) and everything gets confused

this program is better than Sibelius and Finale, it's a pain to see that it crashes so often (on Windows) and that there are some things to improve.



this my config - v. 0.9.4 on Windows XP 32bit - Phenom X3 8750 w/4GB RAM - nVidia 8400GS.

I attached a screenshot too.

It would be nice to be able to contribute with some donation, like Paypal.

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Try the most recent prerelease for Windows which you can download at
Over 20 crashes have been fixed and many other improvements have been implemented.

In case you encounter a crash with the prerelease, don't hesitate to report the steps to reproduce the crash so it can be fixed on short notice.

To reiterate what Thomas said, the issue with the arpeggio colliding with the note heads is already fixed in the prereleases and probably most of the crashes you are experiencing. If you encounter any crashes using the prereleases and are able to reproduce the crash this information would be valuable and help improve the stability of future versions.

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