Issues With Sonatina Soundfont

• May 19, 2017 - 13:27

Apologies if this has come up elsewhere, but I'm having some problems with using the "Sonatina_Symphonic_Orchestra.sf2" soundfont (which is linked in the handbook) in MSv2.0.3:

I managed to install it successfully, but it seems to have changed ALL the default instruments to piano. The only way to restore the sounds, it seems, is to scroll through a massive, unorganized list of the included sounds for /each instrument individually/. I've tried changing back to a different font, but then nothing plays at all when I try to play the files.

I was wondering if there was a way to reverse this change and get my pieces to sound properly. Thanks.


For the record, Sonatina is not a GM-compatible soundfont, that's why you will need to manually establish the association between instruments and sounds.

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Yes, thanks, that's what I do for new arrangements/compositions. I am looking for a way to save settings for the sound fonts then apply them to existing compositions -- like I do when I load a style template on top of an existing open composition. It changes the formatting of the existing composition to match the style desired. Likewise, I'd like to save a sound font template, then overlay it to an existing file.

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It's an idea, but would probably take just as much time. I would need to copy all parts, copyright information, title, formatting, etc. It is probably still easier to keep a list of desired sound fonts and reset the individual instruments -- three settings for each of the four instruments of the quartet (normal, pizz. and tremolo).

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