15/8 Time Signature Problem

• Mar 4, 2013 - 01:07

I am writing a song for voice and piano and change the time signature from 6/8 to 15/8 in one measure. However, the measure only allows for thirteen beats. I am stuck. Help?


Okay, here's everything else. I have 1.2 on a Mac OX 10.7.3.
I go to Create - Time Signatures and create 15/8 in the boxes. I drag it into the measure in question. I get angry at it for making 13 available beats.
Again, any help is appreciated.

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There must have been a corruption in that bar causing the problem.

I insert a bar before the problem one, set the time signature to 15/8 and then manually copied your notes to it.

I then deleted your 15/8 bar and noticed that the rests in the following bar were funny, which again suggested a corruption, so I deleted that too.

I think that has fixed it for you.

Nice song btw :)


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I've just tried to reproduce this in 1.3 in Windows 8 and creating the 15/8 time signature works flawlessly.

This suggests there may be a corruption somewhere in your score, so we really need to see it to establish exactly what has gone wrong.

Make sure you attach the mscz file itself, not a picture of the score.


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