mscore_en_US.ts - for cleaning up UI element text without messing with internal strings

• Jul 15, 2009 - 07:53

US English translation file with cleaned up UI element text for consistency of style (capitalization/terminology).

I am not a developer. I opened a copy of the en_GB.ts in Qt Linguist and changed the target to English US before saving. Removed GBisms such as measure = bar, crotchets, etc. Hopefully this can be added to the project without a hitch.

If someone can tell me how to insert it to my svn checkouts for test builds on my own, I would love the info.

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mscore_en_US.ts 251.86 KB


In QT linguist: File -> Release as ... mscore_en_US.qm and overwrite the qm file in your MuseScore installation. Start up MuseScore and it should take the new qm file. (Just wondering whether there is an actual US.ts file, don't know for sure)

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