No dash in lyrics

• Jul 16, 2009 - 22:16

As I try to add lyrics to a piece of music, i wish to use a dash to separate a word on to two or more notes. However, when I ty to add a dash to show thqat the word is continued on the next note, the dash disappears.


Not sure whether you mean hyphen or underscore (or some other type of dash). When you press the hyphen it does go on to the next note but a hyphen should appear between the two syllables. If you are trying to add an underscore try typing it more than once.

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AS I first tried to add the hyphen, the cursor moved on to the next note without depositing a symbol.
After your message and reading the appropriate part, I went back and tried again. A hyphen did appear. Unfortunately, as you will see from the attached screen shot, a 2nd, unwanted hyphen is now appearing.

I saved the file and tried to reload, as this has seemed to fix bugs in the past.

Musescore crashed.

Its too late right now, but I will explore further tomorrow.
Thank for your assistance.

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I filed a bug for the unwanted second hyphen issue you mention. See

I have encountered the bug before but never got around to reporting it. As a workaround I usually just press hyphens and spaces until it is correct (i.e. I come to a couple syllables in a row with spaces or a couple syllables in a row with hyphens).

I have not encountered the crash before and when I press hyphen it always seems to "deposit a [hyphen] symbol"

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