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• Mar 16, 2013 - 16:31

I've searched, and not found an answer so far. I have a score with some notes added, but somewhere along the line I seem to have lost a couple of bar rests in the oboe part. I don't know if somehow I deleted them, or if there is a bug, but I can't write any notes into those bars (and I would very much like to!).
I've tried selecting the bar, and pressing delete, but this hasn't changed anything.
Can anyone tell me how to restore the bars? I'm just getting started after using Sibelius, and thought I'd give this a try.
I've attached a picture of the problem. Thanks in advance.

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After I saved, closed, and reopened it, I copied notes from other bars into the rests just before the dodgy bars. This filled the empty bars properly, and I deleted the notes afterwards, so it worked. Saving it seems to have made the difference.
Thanks for your help, folks. is there any way to avoid this happening?

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Corrupt measures seem to happen more often to people just starting out with the progrm, which is unfortunate but kind of understandable. The deal is,the things that lead to corruption are things that nobody thought to test for - things the developers never expected anyone to try. And it's beginners who tend to randomly try things out while experimenting with how get the results they desire and are most likely to hit on untested things.

A number of things that people hav ediscovered to cause corruption nave been fixed in the past few releases, so make sure you are up to date - 1.3 is the current version. As of right this release, I don't know if there are any remaining *known* causes of corruption. But some of the program areas that have caused corruption in the past have involved copy and paste of incomplete tuplets or of empty measures in 5/4. Neither seems likely to have been the issue here. So if you do happen to catch this in action in the future and are able to figure out what triggered it, please post here!

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