Incorrect number of beats in 5/16 pickup bar

• Mar 16, 2013 - 23:32

If I create a new score and choose a 5/16 pickup bar, musescore actually creates a dotted crotchet rest for that pickup bar (that is, 6 quavers in the bar).

This occurs for versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 on Ubuntu Linux.



1] The number of beats is still correct - it's just that the rests are displayed wrongly. Selecting the measure and pressing [Del] corrects it.

2] It has been corrected in the recent Nightly (version 2.0) builds. When you create a score with a 5/16 pickup it is done correctly.

3] There is, however, still a problem in 2.0 whereby if you create a score in 4/4, say and then change the first measure's properties to actual duration of 5/16 it shows a whole-bar rest. Conventionally it is OK to show a whole-bar rest in the middle of a piece but pickup measure usually have the true value of the rests displayed (crotchet followed by semi-quaver rest in this case).

Tested in xubuntu 12.04 with
MS 1.2 build 5470
and MS 2.0 beta build abc01d4

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I also tested it on 1.2, XP.

If I make a 5/16 pickup measure, I get the dotted quarter rest. I am then able to go into Note Entry mode and insert six 16th notes.

If I delete the dotted quarter rest as suggested, I get a quarter rest and a 16th rest, as mentioned. But I also get a 16th rest in the beginning of the next measure.

Very odd.


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