editing a pdf to music file

• Mar 19, 2013 - 17:03

I have pdf to music pro & exported a piece of music. It worked well bet there are a few issues. it has piano music as well as 4 part harmonies & goes into a cappella in the middle. there are a few bars that have pauses that aren't supposed to be there. I can't seem to remove them. even when I remove the rests or move them, there is still this pause.


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its not a rest. its a blank space. I have no idea how it happened but its 2 8th notes & a weird invisible pause then the quarter note. the lyrics are O to grace. its O to (pause) grace... & its supposed to be O to grace (no pause). perhaps if you saw the original pdf copy you will see what Im talking about.

this is the original pdf that was converted in the pdf to music pro program then experted into musescore.

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