Making a flac or wav file from a score

• Mar 19, 2013 - 18:59

I am using musescore 1.2 in ubuntu12.4 - 64 bit low latency (Kernel3.2.0.33). I need to be able to 1. playback what I have written, 2: enable sound production during note entry, 3.record a part or score to hard drive as a flac or wav file to then be transferred to CD. I've gone half - blind reading everything in the forum only to be more confused. One of the forum entries said to choose save as a WAV file, but I don't seem to have that option (unless I'm being exceptionally blonde about it - yes I am blonde - " save as" only seemes to allow for re-titling a selection - not translating it into an audio format. I'm sorry if I've missed something - - - but PLEASE give me step - by - step instructions. [I speak jazz musician very well but computer techno-geek is as foreign to me as sandscrit.]


... you should see a dialogue box. At the bottom, right (as you look at it, not as the box perceives the world). you should see a big tab that says "Compressed MuseScore Format". If you click on the little arrows at the end of that bar you will (or should be) presented with a list of file formats that you can save in. You should then highlight the filname in the "Name" box at the top and give a filename but without the default mscz. extension (or any extension, for that matter, since MuseSCore will add the correct one).

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