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• Mar 20, 2013 - 23:55

I would like to ask for help if there is any way to fade out the volume on 1 staff slowly?


The usual musical symbol for what you might call "fade out" is "diminuendo" or "descrescendo". Since MuseScore is a notation program first, adding the correct notation should be your starting place. These particular sumbols don't currently play back in 1.X, but you can install and run a plugin that will adjust the note velocities to make the playback happen.

There is a pretty cool trick to fading out a song, if you want to take the time to edit the uncompressed MSCX file. If any is interested, please post here. This is a very old thread.

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Very good, but could you please explain how to do it? I have version 3.6 (I have no intention of changing it...). I imported a MIDI which I really like except for the rather ugly ending right in the final bars... I was thinking of using a DAW, but since you said that from version 3.1 onwards it is possible to do fading (In and Out). I thank you in advance. Friendliness.

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If it does not work as expected:
MIDI import often (always?) has the velocity type set to 'User', which overrides any dynamics settings or hairpin influences. MIDI does not contain any dynamic designations, only absolute velocity values - as far as I know.
And it can happen that almost all notes there have a different velocity, which makes it difficult to assign dynamic signs to them and maintain the same behavior.
At least for those notes that you want to fade out with a ppp dynamic and a hairpin, you should first set the velocity type to "Offset" and the velocity value to '0'.

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