Newbie Here - A few Questions

• Mar 25, 2013 - 17:29

I just download this app and have created a few lead sheets. I've read the online manual and searched threads on this forum but have been unable to get the answers. If they are in the manual, I apologize.

1. If I have a score in F with a measure of two quarter note triplets and the first four notes are a B natural, how come I have to have all the notes with a natural sign?

2.If I have a 4/4 measure that starts with a 1/8th rest and the remaining notes are all 1/8th notes, the first note after the rest is tied to the second note. Wouldn't that first note stand alone?

Thanks for the help



1. You don't have to have all natural signs. I'm guessing you are using the palette to add the accidentlas, but that's not how accidentlas are normally entered - that is only for cases where you want an explicit accidental that wouldn't have to be present. Which is why you are getting exactly that result. Instead, normal accidentals are enteed iwth the arrow keys. See Note entry in the Handbook.

2. I assume you don't literally mean tie but are referring to beaming. Different publishers use different conventions for when to break beams. The convention of allowing three eighths to be beamed together if the downbeat of the gouping is a rest is pretty common. But it's at least as common to break the beam after the first note in these cases, and that's how I like to do it, too. See Beam for info on how to override beams. No way to change the defaults, but if you assign a leunoard shortcut (edit/preerences/shortcuts) to the main beam commands, then it's just a single click to break or join beams on the fly.

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