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• Mar 27, 2013 - 14:58

Under "Edit Text Style" I have Repeat Text set to PGJazzJ yet this is not the font when the symbols are inserted on the score.


I can not find the font that you say. But did you try as in attached?

Some modifications, would seem to me, are not active until you have saved, closed and reopened.
Do some experiment and if you want, attach an example.

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If you scroll further down you will see the font as shown in the attachment.

If I have a Style set to have all the Edit Text Style properties set to PG JazzJ font and use the Pallet to drag a Repeat such as D.C. al Coda to the score the font is not used. Now, there is a way around this. I can use Create Text and add Staff Text and drag it to the location I want and then use Create Symbol and drag the Symbols to their location but this is the long way around this issue. See the attached score with this long method.


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Yes, the repeat text style seems to be ignored in 1.X. Same with dynamic text style. The whole text style system is revamped for 2.0, and it seems like this will no longer be an issue.

A better workaround for now, BTW, is to add the repeat text, have it come out Times, then simply double click it and change it to whatever you want. That way the same element is used for display and playback.

Do be aware that using a non-standard font means others won't be able to view your scores correctly unless you export to PDF. You may have other reasons for using the PG font, but do be aware that MuseJazz does include all the relevant symbols. So if you use that, your score will open correctly on all systems, should that be a concern.

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I really do appreciate you speedy, noncritical support. Especially for a dummy like me.
Good point on the font. I'll use the MuseJazz font from here on.
I follow you on the workaround. After double clicking on the text and changing the font, how do I enter it? I'm not clear on the key entry.


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Double click the text, Ctrl-A to select it all, then go to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, select MuseJazz from the dropdown, and hit Enter. You'll probably want to chane sizes too, as the sizes are not always consistent between fonts, and I always find the defult coda and sego to be too small.

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