Two Issues - How to fix obscured bar number - Midi won't go to coda sign

• Mar 28, 2013 - 21:54

Take a look at my attached score and see if I'm doing something wrong or an issue with 1.3. Thanks

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The measure number positioning issue is puzzling to me. The text style says to offset it 0sp both horizontally and vertically, which I guess is exactly what it did. But the strange thing is, those are MuseScore's defaults when creating a new score from scratch. And yet, measure numbers normally display above the staff. That is, if you create a score from scratch, it also shows 0sp offsets, yet the numbers don't collide with the saff. It appeara the numbers in the text style are being ignored when the score is first created. But he moment you change anything at all about the measure number style - like changing font from Times to Arial - they immeidately start obeying the text style and thus collide with the staff. In your case, it was either changing the font to MuseJazz, or else turning on measure numbers if you are using Jazz Lead Sheet, that appears to have triggered MuseScore to stop ignoring the text style.

So the bug seems to be that measure numbers are ever displayed "correctly" at all for scores created from scratch! Given the measure number text style default of 0sp offsets, they should always collide, rather than starting off looking good then moving as soon as you change something.

The good news is, all seems well, in 2.0. The default has changed to -2sp vertical offset, and is honored correctly from the beginning as well as after any changes. We'll just have to be sure to update the templates to use this default!

Meanwhile, the workaround is simple enough - you need to change the measure number style to what it probably should have been in the first place. Something other than 0sp as the offsets. up to you where you move them to, of course. The change will take effect next time the score is laid out - like on reload. If you expect to be using measure numbers with a template, you might consuder making the change in the template (create score, make change, delee all measures, save).

As for the playback issue, I see two problems in your score. One is the closing repeat at the end with no matching open repeat. Eben in cases where you wanted to repeat back to the beginning (not the case here, I imagine), this just won't work in MuseScore - it needs an explicit open repeat to understand where you wanted to repeat. And if there is anything it can't inderstand, it basically pints on everything. So the missing start repeat is messing up your sengo and coda.

Also, you probably meant DS, not DC, since you have a segno and it's not at the beginning.

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The measure numbers moving is an issue I reported a long time ago but was never fixed for 1.3. I do believe it works in 2.0. If you simply go into Style/Edit Text Style/Measure Numbers and say Apply, then save and reload, the measure numbers will move down.

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Hi Marc -

It's my experience that you don't need the start-repeat bar ( ||: )at the very beginning of a piece. MuseScore will understand what you want it to do.

You might want to give it another try. It looks like it must have been fixed somewhere along the way.

True, in this case, the OP most likely wanted to go back to the Segno, not the beginning.


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Glad to hear MuseScore now understands the convention of omitting a start repeat at the beginning of a score, at keast in simple cases. But I did verify that in this score, at least, the missing start repeat really was the problem. Maybe it only works if there are no codas or segnos to muddy the waters?

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