Slash Plugin - What Am I Doing Wrong?

• Mar 29, 2013 - 19:05

I select a measure from my score. Open the Slash Plugin dialog box. Select "Accent. Press Ok. Then nothing. I kind of expected something above each note.



For more info on how the Slash plugin works, you should check out the advanced version of my lead sheet tutorial:

In particular, see the section entitled "Slash Notation":

Not sure what you were expecting, but what "accent" notation is intended for is to allow notations of the sort depicted in the picture that appears when you select Accent in the plugin: normal notes on the staff, small slash-headed notes indicating an accompaniment rhythm above the staff. The way you create it is to enter the rhythm you want to appear as accent notation by putting ordinary notes depicting that rhythms into voice 3, with the regular notes in voice 1 or 2. Then run the plugin. All notes in voice 3 will be converted into small slash-headed notes just above the staff. You'll see the plugin lets you select what voice is affected (defaults to 3) and where the small notes appear (defaults to appearing as the G above a treble clef staff, B above a bass clef staff).

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You can't make the ledger lines invisible, but what you can do is reset the note back to G, then double click a note to put it into edit mode, and nudge it with a couple of clicks of the up arrow key. This raises the note visually without affecting the pitch and thus not adding ledger lines. Unfortunately, you have to do that individually to each note, but if you don't use this notation too much, it's not bad.

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