My file opens a blank window

• Apr 3, 2013 - 18:59

I opened Musescore to work on my arrangement. I clicked Open, the folder popped up as usual, and I clicked on the file for my arrangement. The folder closed and Musescore showed on the screen again, but the file wouldn't open. No error message popped up and for a while I thought it was just loading, but after a while it still wasn't open. I tried numerous times and the file will not open. How can I get it to open?


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I have just tried to open Jupiter.mscz

I'm afraid the zip archive has become corrupted (yes .mscz files are zip archives)

I was unable to open it with 7-zip

MuseScore 2 nightly also reported it as a corrupted file.

There are various zip file repair tools floating around the internet. It's possible one of those would restore the file.

The other thing to try is to look for Musescore's internal backup:


(and sorry if I did not understand)
Double-click on the right file?
In the attached image: files "right" are the ones with the icon clearer (the name is not preceded by dot).

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Posting the score wold definitely help. Ut - is it possible your score starts with a mostly blank page, and all you have to do is move to page 2 and you'll find your score? A score with a mostly blank page up from is pretty common if you have a bunch of instru,ents and they don't quite fit along with the space allocated for the title.

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says: "error occurred while parsing element at line 1 column 1"

In property / details, under the heading attributes: AN
Meanwhile, if you want, try to attach "Jupiter.mscz," and "Jupiter2.mscz," (those with the comma at the end) or open them as suggested by ChurchOrganist.

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