Simple Problems. Any Ideas?

• Apr 6, 2013 - 22:55

Okay, I am having two problems. One, when I select a note, usually it plays for a second or two and then stops. As of now, I select the note and it never stops. To get it to stop, I have to click the replay button. Then it stops. Problem #2: When I try to play my composition from a selected point, it doesn't play. To get it to play, I have to go back and forth between replay and play numerous times before it plays. Now, of course, because I pressed replay, I would assume it would go back to the beginning, but it doesn't. So when I do want to return to the beginning, I have to scroll back, select the first note, and go back and forth between play and replay again. I upgraded to 1.3 after this began happening, but it continued. Any ideas?


Hi ravi2000 -

I'm having a little trouble understanding what you're describing.

The picture below shows the Rewind button (on the left). This should set things up so that the next time you play the score, it will start at the beginning.


The next picture shows the button you push to start or stop playback (in the middle). If you stop playback partway through the score, playback will resume from the point where it stopped when you start playback again. To start playback from the beginning of the score, push the Rewind button, then the Start/Stop button.


I believe there are some playback issues in certain cases, where playback doesn't start where you think it should. I think these issues have to do with repeats or voltas or something, but since I've never encountered them, I don't remember the details.

If you are sure that the behavior has changed since you initially installed MuseScore, you might try to revert to factory settings. Since settings are retained when you reinstall MuseScore, if something has been set incorrectly, a reinstall may not fix it. See the handbook for more information about that. (Of course, this will also reset your custom settings to their default settings, so be sure this is what you want to do.)


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@fifist: If I want to start playback anywhere but the beginning, I always have to make sure that "play repeats" is shut off, otherwise the piece will start playing from the very beginning. If play repeats is on and I stop the playback, I can usually resume from where I stopped it, but if I edit the bar where I stopped and then resume the playback, it will send me right back to the beginning again. I think these are the playback issues you were referring to. It causes two different kinds of frustration: Either I forget to shut off the repeats when I'm trying to edit and wind up losing my place, or I forget to turn the repeats back on when I want to hear the whole piece from beginning to end.

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