How to enter a long glissando (slide) (tied notes)?

• May 28, 2017 - 16:03

I want to slide a note up over four bars, see the attached image.

When using a whole note for the first note the sound stops in bar 2.
When using four tied whole notes they all play at once in a weird downward shimmering effect.

I just want a long slide to create an orchestral 'white noise riser'.

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With Glissando: you cannot get more than you see in the picture below (You actually can not even get this much). There is no point in writing gliss. for such a wide time and narrow range.


With Slide-in or Slide-out: I do not think there is a playback feature like this.

Dear Drahcir,
I have the same problem.
Are there any improvements on that topic in version 2.3.1?
I cant really find the answers anywhere.. I would like to achieve exactly same kind of glissandi as you mentioned.

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