accidentals in brackets

• Apr 26, 2013 - 09:12

How do you put cautionary accidentals in brackets? I see there is a pair of brackets on the accidentals palette, and I've tried both dragging and double clicking, but neither works.


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It would be a handy improvement to MuseScore if double clicking on the brackets while the note was selected put the brackets around an accedental attached to the note. Currently to add a reminder accidental, the operation is select the note, double click on the accidental in the palette, select the accidental, double click on the brackets. Not having to select the accidental would be a small but useful speedup to the workflow.

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There has been talk of this, and apparently someone already implemented it for 2.0, as here is pull request:

It doesn't seem to be yet integrated into the nightly builds, though. Not sure if that's an oversight, a CLA issue, or if there are some technical issues still being pondered.

BTW, do not thsat parentheses around courtesy / cautionary accidentals are very much the exception, not the rule. Normally, these accidentals are *not* parenthesized by most publishers. Only in certain somewhat unusual cases are parentheses used any more (eg, a second accidental on the same pitch in the same measure, or on the same note in a different octave).

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