midi input

• Apr 29, 2013 - 15:43

i am a new user.
I have spent 24 hours trying to input midi from my roland HP302 without success

I am coming on this forum to as a last resort.

Please tell me how to do it.




What operating system and what version of MuseScore? Do you understand that it is only going to be "step time" input - one note at a time, using the regular note entry mode just like you'd use when entering notes via the mouse or computer keyboard? And you've already figured out how to enter notes normally (without MIDI)?

If so, then please describe exactly what you have tried and exactly when the problem appears. Are you in Note Entry mode? You have a duration selected, and you press a key on your MIDI keyboard - does a note sound? But nothing appears? Or does nothing sound? Are the cables connected properly (in to out and vice versa)? Does it work with other programs?

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i am in Linux ubuntu and your latest version - downloaded 3 days ago!

i have handwritten a score soprano+ piano
I have created 3 staves for it
i entered first bar of the piano by hand - too laborious!
Note entry on and 1/8th note selected
then selected piano (staves 2 & 3)
then entered a chord on the roland.nothing appears on the screen
yes correctly connected with cable to USB port

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