too slow!

• May 6, 2013 - 08:44
data-transfer rate of this nightly page is TOO slow in May 2013. i highly recommand to use dropbox or rapidgator for uploading.


Hey musinoda,

We experience the slow download data-transfer as well and are investigating what we can do. The prereleases server is serving almost 1 terabyte of data each month now. It appears that it is not scaling well as the concurrent number of downloads have gone up drastically the last months. Tbc.

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Hey Michael,

Thanks for stepping up. The problem however is a scaling issue. As the prereleases server is serving 1 terabyte on a monthly basis now, we will need to migrate it to a better hosting facility with a better throughput. Something that will scale us to the next 20 terabyte per month. We might be getting there rather fast as we'll get more 2.0 testers on board.

We want to work towards a continuous integrated solution:

  • for each commit, a build of MuseScore for Windows and Mac OS (working)
  • the build needs to be uploaded to a file server (working > but file server has hit the limits)
  • hopefully one day, MuseScore can auto update itself (future work)

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Hey Michael,

It's not the builds we lack off, as for each commit a new build is automatically created and offered for download. Instead it's the throughput of of the fileserver serving these builds which is currently the bottle neck.

We thought about Google Drive as well, but we need a better solution for integration and content delivery speed.

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