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• May 10, 2013 - 17:18

A couple quick questions--more will follow, I'm sure. I'm not very skilled at this software yet, but I have a lot to do in a short time. I've created a bunch of "lead sheets" (I used the term loosely because I've been given sketchy information on what a lead sheet is) with the notes in, the lyrics in, and the chords.

1. How can one globally lower the chords closer to the staff without manually clicking on each chord individually? I've figured out how to do it one chord at a time, but not how to get all the chords in the score to do it at the same time.

2. Tempo. How does one create simple quarter note equals this or dotted half equals that? The create tempo offers descriptions like "ballad" and "allegro," but the numbers associated with those descriptions do not show up.

Sorry to be a pest.



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I tried the attached. I clicked on one, did select similar elements (all became selected I assume since they all turned blue), lowered from -4.00 to -2.00, clicked okay, and they all disappeared.

I did a ctrl-z to recover, tried it two more times, and they all disappeared two more times. Created an experimental copy, went through the steps, they all disappeared, saved the experimental copy, closed it, opened it, and all the chords returned, but in their original place. I compared with the original, and there was no change.

I've attached the score so you can look at it see what I'm doing wrong.


I was hoping for something a wee bit more elegant, but this will do. Perhaps this is something that can be revisited in 2.0.

Thanks again.


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It did work for you. So why is it not working for me? Do I have a different 1.3 than anyone else? Is there a secret setting somewhere I'm overlooking? I'm rather flummoxed about the whole situation.

Thanks for that. Now if I could only figure out why it doesn't work for me.


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I can only think somehow you missed a step.

1. Go to Style > Edit Text Style > Chordname
2. Adjust (in this case I adjusted the "Y" axis).
3. Press "apply".
4. Okay
5. Reload after save.

As to setting the tempo text:

Go to Create > text > tempo (Ctrl+alt+t)

Select a tempo definition and add it

In the score, double click the definition. (Keep it or select all (Ctrl+a) and replace it).

A text keyboard will appear. Use it to insert the note (quarter note) and enter the text ( = 100 or whatever).

Welcome to MuseScore.

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It wasn't a missed step, it was apparently a missed path.

I tried your method again, and now it works. The other method, with "selecting similar elements" and all still does not work. I'll stick with your method--it's simpler and it works.

The tempo information was spot on.



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