Difference in controls between Mixer and Synth/Master Effects

• May 15, 2013 - 16:51

MS 2.0 commit b6cba74, Windows 8 64-bit

The rotary controls in the Mixer (mouse down to bring setting down, up for up) work opposite to that in the new Synth/Master Effects panel. They should be consistent, and I think the Master Effects panel should work the same as the Mixer.


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It's better, in particular for beginners, to not talk about MuseScore nightlies on this forum. It could somehow "scare" them off... So it's better to talk about everything nightly related on the Tech preview forum. And bug reports, if any, go to the issue tracker, not the forum. Here it's more a discussion I believe, since at first read I don't agree.

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Sorry, I did it again! I posted a bug report (several) in the wrong forum. Every time I read "bug reports" in the forum title I go here first. I will transfer the last few postings to the bug tracker.

Now, what don't you agree with? The rotary controls from both panels work opposite to each other. You think that's a good UI design choice?

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